Poor flow / levelling

Poor Flow / Levelling

This refers to the failure of paint to dry to a smooth and even film, with unsightly brush and roller marks remaining visible in the paint, even after it has dried.


  • Using a lower-quality paint.
  • Applying additional paint to touch up partially dried painted areas.
  • Re-brushing or re-rolling partially dried painted areas.
  • Using the wrong type of roller cover or a poor quality brush.

    Always use top-quality water-based paints, as these are generally formulated to ensure good paint flow. This encourages brush and roller marks to ‘flow out’ and form a smooth film.

    When using a roller, be sure to fit a cover with the recommended nap length for the type of paint that is being applied. It is equally important to select a high-quality brush – a poor-quality brush can result in bad flow and levelling, regardless of the quality of the paint.

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