Picture framing

Picture Framing

When a wall is painted with a roller, but brushed at the corners, architraves and cornices, the brushed areas may appear darker in colour, resulting in a frame-like appearance. Sprayed areas may also appear to be darker than neighbouring sections that are brushed or rolled. Picture framing can also refer to differences in sheen.


  • Brushing will generally result in a lower spread rate than rolling, producing a thicker film and more coverage.
  • Adding colourant to a non-tintable paint or using the wrong type or level of colourant, resulting in a variation in colour, depending on method of application.

Make sure that your brushes and rollers have a similar spread rate. Don’t brush the edges of the entire surface before switching to a roller – rather work over smaller sections of the surface to ensure that you always maintain a wet edge. When using tinted paints, make sure that you use the correct combination of colourant and base.


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