This refers to the noticeable increase in gloss and sheen that develops in areas where a painted surface is subjected to repeated rubbing, scrubbing, or having objects brush up against it.


  • Using matt paint, instead of a satin or gloss coating, in high traffic areas.
  • Frequent washing and spot cleaning of the painted surface.
  • Objects (furniture, for example) rubbing against the walls.
  • Using lower grades of paint that have poor stain resistance and poor scrub resistance.


Paint areas of heavy wear that require regular cleaning (doors, window sills and trims, for example) with a top-quality water-based paint, as this type of paint is more durable and easier to clean. In high-traffic areas, choose a satin or gloss coating rather than one with a matt sheen level.

Clean the painted surfaces with a soft cloth or sponge and non-abrasive cleaning products. Rinse well with clean water.


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