Cracking / Flaking

Cracking / Flaking

This generally occurs as paint ages. The dry paint film splits through at least one layer, ultimately leading to the paint not being able to adhere to the surface. This condition first manifests as hairline cracks. As the problem worsens, flaking may occur.


  • Using a low-quality paint that is not adhesive or flexible enough.
  • Over-thinning or overspreading the paint.
  • Inadequate surface preparation or applying the paint to bare wood without first applying a primer.
  • Excessive hardening of solvent-based paint as the coating ages, resulting in it becoming brittle.

Remove loose and flaking paint with a scraper or wire brush. Then sand the surface, taking care to feather the edges so that no ridges are visible.

If several layers of paint are flaking, you may need to use a surface filler, for example Crack Filler. If the flaking occurs in multiple layers of paint, a face filler may be necessary.

Prime bare wood areas before repainting. Use a top-quality primer and topcoat to prevent the problem recurring.


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