Chalk Craft Paint

Chalk Paint Manual is available to download

Chalk Craft Paint is a wonderful, matt finish product that can be used on wood, steel, glass, plastic and even on fabric!

Its key benefit is that it needs little or no sanding down on previously painted surfaces nor primer. The wax is liquid so it’s very easy to apply using a paint brush or a mutton cloth.

Typically all that is required is a good thorough clean with a cloth and EMBLEM’s sugar soap in water.  Then wipe clean with a wet cloth and let it dry completely.

Now that surface is dry and clean the fun begins!

It is art and you can decide what look you want to achieve for instance a distressed, chipped or perfectly polished look.  We recommend that you always apply our Liquid Wax to seal the paint.  This protects it from all type of marks and stains.  Chalk Craft has a clear liquid wax and an antique liquid wax.  The former results in a clear, polished finish whilst the latter in a dark, antique look.  Chalk Craft can cover stains and defects that are often found on wood and makes it look brand new!  It dries in about 30 minutes which makes it easy to complete a project in one day! Chalk Craft comes in 25 beautiful colours.

Paint techniques that are currently popular are:

  • Two Colour Distressing
  • Wash
  • Distressing with Vaseline; and
  • Polished look

Two colours distressing

Apply first coat of paint, preferably a light colour. When dry apply second coat of a darker colour and let it dry. Sand down the surface with 220 grit sand paper and your bottom colour will start to show. When happy with the look, wipe the item down and seal the paint with O`Grady`s liquid wax using a paint brush or a mutton cloth.


Dilute the paint, dip your brush in water and straight into your chosen Chalk Craft Paint colour and start painting surface. If you can’t see the wood grain it means there is too much paint and you need more water on the brush.  You can wipe off any excess paint with a wet cloth immediately.  Once finished seal the paint with O’Grady’s Liquid Wax using a paint brush or a mutton cloth.

Distressing with Vaseline

For a chipped look, apply Vaseline petroleum jelly with fingers onto the areas where you want the paint to come off later.  The Chalk Paint won’t adhere to the areas where you applied the Vaseline creating a great look!

Paint with the desired colour. Once dried remove the paint where the Vaseline is by gently scraping with a scraper and you will see how easy it comes off! When finished apply O`Grady`s liquid wax.

Perfectly Polished Look

Thin the Chalk Craft paint with a bit of water and apply two coats of it.  Seal it by painting on O’Grady’s Clear Liquid wax.  The more coats you apply the more lustre you will get.

Contact us for any technical help!

Happy Chalk painting!!!



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