EmbleM Premier Range of Products are tested independently accordingly to SABS method 175, ISO 2814, 2813 and ASTM D523, D570. Test reports are available

The quality guarantee is limited to the EmbleM Premier Range of Products:
• TRADE MATT 5 years expectancy
• SMOOTH MATT 8 years expectancy
• SATIN SHEEN 8 years expectancy
• ULTRA MATT SMOOTH 10 years expectancy
• TEXTURE COAT 7 years expectancy
• ULTRA ROOFSHIELD 8 years expectancy
• STORMGUARD WALL & ROOF 10 years expectancy

b. Spring Forest Trading 184 cc will replace the quality guaranteed paint which is proved to have failed where the total purchase price does not exceed R10, 000.00 (ten thousand rand). Subject to reasonable wear and tear.
c. For instances where the total purchase price exceeds R10, 000.00 (ten thousand rand) then the Spring Forest Trading 184 cc Applicators Guarantee will apply (these terms and conditions are available on request at 044 873 0875).
d. In terms of this quality guarantee paint failure means (subject to reasonable wear and tear):
• Blistering, cracking, colour fading (where products have been colour tinted, colour fading will not be covered on exterior surfaces).
• Delamination of one coat of EmbleM paint from another.
• Delamination of EmbleM paint from its substrate.
• The quality guarantee is for the replacement of the faulty paint only. Not for direct consequential damage and labour. The quality guarantee is valid only if applied within the Republic of SA.


a. The quality guarantee shall commence on the date of purchase of the product by the client.
b. The quality guarantee shall be valid for a period of 3 to 7 years subject to reasonable wear and tear.
c. The quality guarantee forms must be completed fully with the Guarantee Number.
d. The quality guarantee is not transferable.
e. In the event of a claim during the guarantee period, the period will not start afresh but will be valid for the remainder of the period.


a. The Spring Forest Trading 184 cc Guarantee of Quality shall only be valid where:
• The application of the product was strictly as per the full product specification with regard to preparation and application.
• The recommended surface preparation is followed and the recommended products for the surface preparation are applied prior to the application of the product to the surface.
• The client has used the complete Paint System recommended by Spring Forest Trading 184 cc e.g. Primer, Undercoat and two finishing coats).
• The products are used for the intended surfaces as per the product specifications.


a. Spring Forest Trading 184 cc liability shall diminish over the quality guarantee period as per the scale below:
• In the first 12 month period of estimated time expectancy – 100% product replacement.
• At approximately 50% of estimated time expectancy – 50% product replacement.
• Up to 75% of estimated time expectancy – 25 % product replacement.
• The replacement cost shall be for the replacement value of the product at the time of the claim.


a. Failure or damage to the coating for which Spring Forest Trading 184 cc has no control e.g. Natural, fire, radiation, mechanical, acid rain, welding, excessive exposure , explosion, acts of God, strikes, malicious damage, electrical fault, incorrect cleaning methods, pollution, incorrect use or any other reason which is not considered as fair wear and tear.
b. Application on to a surface which due to the shape of the surface, surface type, heavy traffic areas are not conducive to proper preparation or coating application, resulting in paint failure e.g. Contact surfaces such as hand rails and staircases.
c. The paint has failed due to surface failure outside the control of the coating system e.g. Failure and/or deterioration of plastered and metal surfaces, rising and penetrating damp and pooling water.
d. Movement of the substrate caused by external forces and not as a result of the product.
e. Loss of profits, incidental costs or any other costs incurred as a result of the paint failure e.g. labour.
f. Touch – up work resulting in colour mismatch or failure coatings and colour variances due to different batch numbers.


a. All claims for the replacement of the product due to paint failure must be made within 1 week of the client discovering the failure.
b. The client must furnish Spring Forest Trading 184 cc with the quality guarantee number together with proof of purchase, as well as the batch numbers.
c. The client must supply Spring Forest Trading 184 cc with any information required to conduct an investigation.
d. Spring Forest Trading 184 cc shall be entitled to inspect the alleged paint failure.
e. The client is not entitled to try and repair or tamper with any such alleged failed coating.
f. Spring Forest Trading 184 cc will endeavour to resolve the claim timeously.




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